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Forthcoming Conferences

This section will help you keep updated on the upcoming events, conferences & workshops on Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Management.
The information given in this section, is purely displayed on the basis of details acquired by the editor, the actual venue, dates & other details should be confirmed with the organizers directly.
The editor of the website will not be responsible for any discrepancy in the actual details & posted details on the website.

AOACON 2015(11-13 September, 2015)
8th National Conference of Association of Obstetric Anaesthesiologists and 1st World Obstetric Anaesthesia Congress at Hyderabad
Contact Person : Dr. Sunil T Pandya
Telephone : 9848310000
Email Id :
Website :
RSACPCON 2015 (2-4 October, 2015)
25th National Conference of Research Society of Anaesthesiology and Clinical Pharmacology at Amritsar
Contact Person : Dr. Anita Kumari
Telephone : 09592066630
Email Id :
Website :
OFISACON 2015 (17-18 October, 2015)
3rd Annual Conference of the Ophthalmic Forum of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists at JLN Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi
Contact Person :Prof. Dilip Shende
Telephone : +919868397820
Email Id :
ICA Conference 2015(13-15 November, 2015)
7th Annual Conference of Indian College of Anaesthesiologists at Chennai
Contact Person :Dr. K Balakrishnan
Telephone : ---
Email Id : ---
Website :---
APPRA 2016 (8-10 January, 2016)
AIIMS Pain Practice and Regional Anaesthesia (APPRA) Conference
Contact Person :Dr. Virender Kumar Mohan
Telephone : 9868397803
Email Id :
Website :
CRITICARE 2016 (5th-9th February, 2016)
22nd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine & International Sepsis Forum at Agra
Contact Person : Dr. Ranvir Singh Tyagi, Dr. Diptimala Agarwal
Telephone : 919927778889
Email Id :
Website :
IACTA 2016 (12-14 February, 2016)
19th Conference of Indian Association of Cardio-Vascular Thoracic Anaesthesiologists at Chennai
Contact Person :Dr. Mahesh Vakamudi
Telephone : +91 90426 06596
Email Id : ---
Website :